Crab and Shrimp Stuffed Tilapia

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Crab and Shrimp Stuffed Tilapia Ingredients:

 - Two (2) lbs tilapia filets

- One (1) tbsp. olive oil

- 1/2 cup shallots, finely diced 

- Two (2) garlic cloves, minced

- Four (4) oz. lump crab meat

- Four (4) oz. shrimp, peeled and deveined

- Three tbsp. light cream cheese, softened

- Two (2) tbsp. chives

- Cajun seasoning, to taste (we used Tony Chachere's)

- Salt, to taste

- Pepper, to taste


Lemon Butter Sauce Ingredients:

- Two (2) tbsp. butter

- Two (2) tbsp. lemon juice


Crab and Shrimp Stuffed Tilapia Directions:

- Preheat oven to 375 F

- In a medium sauce pan, add olive oil and heat on medium.  Add shallots.  Once they become translucent, add garlic, crab meat, shrimp, cream cheese, Cajun seasoning, salt and pepper.  Remove from heat and set aside.

- Melt butter in another pan.  Once melted, add lemon juice and mix.

- Slice tilapia in half (length wise), wash and pat dry.  Place on a flat surface (back side up and top side down).  Scoop a thick layer of crab and shrimp mixture on each of the fish fillets.  Spread until even.

- Roll up each tilapia fillet and lay seam side down on a greased baking pan.  Drizzle lemon butter sauce over each filet.

- Bake for about 20 - 25 min or internal temp reaches 145 F.


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