Roast Beef and Cheese Sandwich

Main Dish

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  • 3 ½ lb Eye of Round Roast
  • Dijon Mustard
  • Salt
  • Frank All-Purpous BBQ Rub
  • Velveeta Cheese


  • Remove the fat cap and silver skin on your eye of round roast
  • Rub Dijon mustard to all sides of roast
  • Generously apply salt, followed by Franks All-Purpose BBQ Rub to all sides of the roast
  • Place on a wire wrack in refrigerator to brine overnight
  • The following day, set smoker to 225 degrees
  • Take out of refrigerator, pat dry and add some additional Frank All-Purpose BBQ Rub
  • Place in smoker, rotating every hour, until you reach an internal temperature of 118 degrees (approximately 3 hours total) and set aside.
  • Sear the meat on high for 1-2 min, per side
  • Let cool, wrap with plastic wrap and set in refrigerator until it’s time to cut.
  • Place on onion bun and drizzle melted velveeta cheese on top.


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