Trash Can Nachos | Pulled Pork Nachos

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Servings: Approx. 5 ppl


  • Large can (we used an old coffee container)
  • One (1) block of Velveeta cheese, cubed
  • One (1) 8oz can of Rotel
  • One (1) bag of tortilla chips
  • Two (2) cups pulled pork
  • One (1) oz can black beans, drained
  • One (1) cup Pico de Gallo
  • One (1) cup cheddar cheese, shredded


  • In a crockpot, on high heat, warm up Velveeta and Rotel to make a queso.  
  • Once melted, stir Velveeta mixture and turn to medium heat.
  • Cut the bottom of a large can/container out.
  • Layer tortilla chips, pulled pork, black beans, Pico de Gallo, shredded cheddar cheese, queso on top of each other until you reach the top of the can/container.
  • Pull container off slowly and top with more queso, if desired.
  • Serve warm and enjoy!

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