Smoked Stuffing


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  • One (1) lb. ground pork sausage
  • Two (2) large white onions, chopped
  • Two (2) cups celery, chopped
  • Five (5) cups of crumbled cornbread (see cornbread recipe here)
  • Five (5) cups seasoned breadcrumbs
  • One (1) tbsp. Coy Zesty Garlic and Herb Seasoning (purchase yours here)
  • 1 1/2 tsp. poultry seasoning
  • One (1) tsp. dried sage, crushed
  • 2 3/4 cups chicken broth


  • In a Dutch oven (or large skillet), brown pork sausage.  Remove pork and set aside.
  • Cook onions and celery into remaining pork drippings until translucent (approx. 7 minutes).
  • Place cooked pork, cooked onions & celery, corn bread, breadcrumbs, Coy Zesty Garlic and Herb seasoning, poultry seasoning and sage into a medium sized disposable tin.  Stir well.
  • Add chicken broth (one cup at a time) until you reach the consistency you want.  Note: We typically use all 2 3/4 cups, since the smoking process will eliminate some moisture.
  • Cover tin with aluminum foil and place in smoker for 30 minutes.
  • Open smoker, remove aluminum foil, stir and smoke uncovered for 20 minutes.

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